I have been a customer of The Larder since June 2015 and it was Coffee Love at first sight! I admire Sonja’s dedication to sourcing the best ingredients and it shows in every dish that her little kitchen produces. Hands down the best everyday breakfast in Cape Town, not a day goes by without my morning pitstop at The Larder for my delicious coffee always delivered with love in a “pink” cup. Free range, organic, biodegradable, local and fresh…are all words that reflect the ethos of The Larder, a place I would highly recommend to everyone ..from near and far!

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I so loved working with Sonja I tried to persuade her to come to Australia and work for me. Unfortunately she is too involved in life in London and South Africa. When in London, Sonja prepared food for my book launch at Australia House and prepared such exquisite food taking my recipes to another level with her creativity.

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Food from Plenty wouldn’t have been possible without three women who have worked with such passion and dedication that it makes me feel humble.

Sonja (Edridge), I couldn’t have had a better partner in the kitchen. You’re about the only person who’d get up at 5am to cook too many dishes in one day and still be smiling at the end of it (and uncorking a bottle of wine).

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“The Larder has been a favourite of mine since it launched a few years ago. The friendliest staff and owners, the best food and just all round goodness. And of course, it’s always a bonus to time your visit with a freshly-baked cinnamon bun. The most delicious thing you’ll ever taste!”



“The cinnamon buns were delicious and were the perfect dipping companion for my hot chocolate.”

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“Next to where I am staying in Claremont, there is a cosy little café called The Larder. From the outside, it is rather unassuming – except for a bold sign claiming “The Best Cinnamon Buns in Town”. Being from Scandinavia, of course, I had to try one. And I must say – these cinnamon buns were amazing! Made from seasonal, local ingredients, the cinnamon buns tasted just like the ones back home! They were just the right size, soft and flavourful. And on top of that, the price is not bad.

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I love breakfast! I go to bed looking forward to breakfast. Usually, when I wake up in the morning, it’s not because I had enough sleep but because I want that warm breakfast and hot cup of coffee. Yes, I know, I may be odd that way, but that is just me. Now, you’d think breakfast is not something you can really mess up, but, the thing is, you really can. We have so many great food places in Cape Town, but when it comes to breakfast, Cape Town tends to be expensive but underwhelming. So, this were I get excited about places like The Larder. Because, seriously now, praise The Larder Cafe – because everything from service to food to atmosphere deserves serious praise. 

Having reviewed The Larder Cafe early in 2016 and having loved it, Benike and I were super excited to visit again. We arrived just after 8am on a Friday morning at the newly renovated Larder Cafe, and already found it bustling with both sit-down and take-away guests. Turns out take-away coffee and breakfast and, later in the day, lunch, are huge at The Larder. What surprised me was how many of the guests were known by name, giving it a very homely and welcoming feel. I don’t often find this in Cape Town, but absolutely love it! We couldn’t wait to dig in to what obviously brought these guests back over and over again.

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